Frank Stronach, Magna Man

Austrian businessman and billionaire Frank Stronach.

Austrian businessman and billionaire Frank Stronach.


Canadians know Frank Stronach as the founder and longtime chair of Magna International. It began as a small tool and die company and became a giant auto parts corporation. He's stepped down from the board of Magna, but he's still creating. This time he's trying to build a political party in his home country of Austria. Frank Stronach on his humble beginnings in Canada and the economic system he calls Fair Enterprise.

He is a giant in the history of Canadian business. Frank Stronach, the founder and honorary chair of Magna International grew his one man tool and die company into an auto parts giant. Now, just one month after stepping down from the board of Magna, Mr. Stronach hopes to build something new: a political power base in his birthplace of Austria. Frank Stronach writes about his life in business and politics in his new autobiography The Magna Man. And Frank Stronach joined us in Toronto.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal and Lara O'Brien.

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