Radio Free Friday, AIH, Sunday Morning


Doug Ward was involved in CBC's Radio Revolution, he was with the program Radio Free Friday and he shares his story on how he hired a young Peter Gzowski. Mary Lou Finlay, host of As It Happens from 1998 to 2005 shared some stories from her time at AIH and how the program shaped CBC Radio. And Bronwyn Drainie, the original host of CBC's Sunday Morning tells us why Sunday Morning was groundbreaking in the area of Current Affairs.

Part Two of The Current

Radio Free Friday - Doug Ward

By the 60's CBC Radio was struggling to stay relevant in the age of Television. Ratings suffered and morning shows, like the one we just heard, struggled . And then came the Radio Revolution. Shows such as Sunday Morning and As It Happens made CBC radio sound more urgent and relevant. But before them it was the groundbreaking show Radio Free Friday' - the CBC's first call out show, hosted by a young Peter Gzowski. Doug Ward helped shape CBC's Radio Revolution and he joined us from Ottawa.

As It Happens - Mary Lou Finlay

We started this segment with the not always smooth phone connections from the vault of As It Happens. As It Happens began in 1968. In 1973 it stretched to 90 minutes - the same format it follows today.

Mary Lou Finlay was the host of As It Happens from 1998 until 2005 and she joined us in our Toronto studio.

Sunday Morning - Bronwyn Drainie

Beginning in 1976 - CBC Radio's Sunday Morning brought the week's events from around the world to Canadians. It was ninety minutes of incisive documentaries and broad foreign affairs coverage. Sunday Morning quickly became a show that many listeners hated to miss. Bronwyn Drainie was the one of the original hosts of Sunday Morning and she joined us in Toronto.