Air Farce, Morningside, The Current


Don Ferguson, an original cast member of the Royal Canadian Air Farce, reflects about his time at Air Farce and what comedy and variety shows did for CBC Radio. And Gloria Bishop was the Executive producer of Morningside for seven seasons, she joined us to talk about her days at Morningside and why the program had the longevity it did - lasting over fifteen years. We also hear from editor in chief of CBC News, Jennifer McGuire who joined us to talk about the inception of The Current.

Part Three of The Current

The Royal Canadian Air Farce - Don Ferguson

Well The Royal Canadian Air Farce has been poking fun at Canada and Canadians for decades. Don Ferguson is one of the original cast members and he joined us in in Toronto.

Morningside - Gloria Bishop

We started this segment with the very recognizable voices of Don Harron and Peter Gzowski. Peter would go on to be the host of Morningside for fifteen years, and would become one of the most beloved figures in Canadian Radio. Morningside was radio glue for Canada, broadcasting from Coast to Coast to Coast. It brought a mixture of politics, music and most importantly humour, to the airwaves like never before.

Gloria Bishop was the executive producer of Morningside for seven seasons and she was in Toronto.

The Current - Jennifer McGuire

We started this segment with some tape from The Current's very first show back in November of 2002. The Current has stayed current for nearly a decade with more than two thousand shows. And as far as we know - the Voice is the only person who has never missed one.

Over the seasons we've covered war, terrorism, politics, natural disasters and human interest stories. We've been ruffling feathers in and out of the building and there is nothing we won't tackle. And today it is the most listened to current affairs program in the Country.

In 2002 Jennifer McGuire was the Director of radio current affairs and was given the task of shaping and defining the new morning program that would be The Current. Jennifer McGuire is now the general manager and editor in chief of CBC News and she joined us in our Toronto studio.

Last Word - Robert Fowler

Tomorrow on The Current, we will speak with former Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler. While on a mission for the United Nations in Niger, he was kidnapped and held hostage. He's now making shocking revelations in a new book, A Season in Hell: My 130 days in the Sahara with Al Qaeda. We'll talk about his captivity, what his family knew about his fate, and the international implications of his story.