Post-Election Discussion

Olivia Chow, Stockwell Day and Scott Brison weigh-in on last night's election results - one of the most historic elections in Canadian history.



It's Tuesday May 3rd.

For the first time in Canadian history, the Liberal Party of Canada has failed to form a government or become the official opposition, putting Michael Ignatieff's future in doubt.

Currently, so much for the Prime Minister's promise to help Canadians keep their jobs.

This is The Current.

Post-Election Discussion - Stockwell Day

We started this segment with a conversation with Stockwell Day in Vancouver, former Conservative Cabinet Minister and Public Safety ... President for the Treasury Board.

Prominent Canadian Clips - Charles McVety

My name is Charles McVety... president of Canada Christian College in Toronto. We're very excited that the Canadian people have spoken. I think Canada is the same but now Canada has expressed itself very clearly. This is a nation of people who love family and freedom and thankfully we can now move forward with what Canada has been for over 100 years.

Post-Election Discussion - Olivia Chow/Scott Brison

Olivia Chow held on to her NDP seat in the Trinity-Spadina riding in Toronto. She is of course also married to the new leader of the official opposition, NDP leader Jack Layton. She joined us in our Toronto studio. And Scott Brison is the Liberal MP for Kings-Hant in Nova Scotia and he has also held on to his seat in his riding. He joined us in Halifax.

Prominent Canadian Clips - Clayton Ruby

My name is Clayton Ruby, I'm a Toronto lawyer. I'm disappointed that an election was won with a style that mirrors what the government has been thus far. It's top down, it's tightly controlled and scripted. We're going to see greater tax breaks. We're going to see less environmental reform. We're not going to see any concern for the oil sands and their effect on the environment. We're going to see less and less concern for the air we breathe and the water and whether its clean and can support life. This is what's in the cards and I don't like any of it.