The Senior Vote - Party Panel

seniors-500x306.jpgPoliticians of all stripes are wooing "the senior vote" this election. And why not? - 75% of Canadians over 65 regularly vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections. But few are talking about how Canada's aging population is re-shaping the economic, social and political landscape of this country. Representatives from the major parties shared their plans to address the impending social change.



It's Thursday, April 14th.

Like many Canadians I watched the French leaders debate last night.

And tonight I will watch hockey without having to pretend I watched the French leaders debate.

This is The Current.

The Senior Vote - Party Panel

Our federal political leaders have been talking a lot about seniors during this election campaign. This morning, as part of our project Shift on demographic change, we wanted to let seniors talk back. In our last hour of the program, we opened up the phone lines and asked seniors to call in and share their concerns about this election.

But first, each of the three main national parties is promising to make it easier to grow old gracefully and securely in Canada. But the parties have very different ideas about how best to do that. Lois Brown is the Conservative candidate in the riding of Newmarket-Aurora in Ontario. Wayne Marston is the NDP candidate in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek in Ontario. They were in our Toronto studio. Anita Neville is the Liberal candidate in Winnipeg South Centre. She was in Winnipeg.

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