Women's Work & the State of Feminism

100years-banner.JPGPt 1: Women & Work - We convene a group of women to debate what feminism means in 2011 in terms of work. Guests include esteemed physicist and feminist Ursula Franklin and 25-year-old Erin Cardone, a controversial Canadian columnist who says that feminism may have gone too far.


It's Tuesday March 8th, International Women's Day.

Currently, to mark the occasion, Stephen Harper granted the women in his cabinet permission to say: "Canadian women have made great strides".

This is The Current.

Women's Work & the State of Feminism

We started this segment with a clip from Kathleen Lahey. She's a law professor at Queen's University. She has just completed a study about the wage gap between women and men in Canada. And the news isn't good. Between the early 1970s and the early 1990s, women made significant progress. While the gap was still there, by 1993, women were making nearly 72 cents for every dollar that men made. But then, things started to move backwards.

The fight for equal pay is just one part of a larger battle that has ebbed and flowed over the 100 years since International Women's Day was first celebrated. And women's relationships with the feminist movement -- and the day itself -- have shifted too.

So for their thoughts on women's work and the state of feminism -- and as part of our project, Shift -- we were joined by three women from three generations. Erin Cardone is a reporter and columnist with the Victoria News. She's 25. She was in Victoria. Suromitra Sanatani is strategic counsel with the law firm HB Global Advisors. She's also the former Vice President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. She's 47. And she was in Victoria as well. And Ursula Franklin is a celebrated physicist, as well as a pioneering feminist and pacifist. She's 89. She was in our Toronto studio.

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This Day in History

Today marks 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.

And for any politician wondering: the traditional gift is empty rhetoric.

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