Game Changer

The stories behind the people, events, and ideas that have fundamentally changed the way we move through our world ... the decisions we make, the actions we take and how we figure out the best path forward.


Commemorating the War of 1812


Whither the Eurozone


How math equations changed the world


Primate Scientist Jane Goodall


Predator Drones


Reconciliation in the Anglican Church of Canada


Environmental Activist: Vandana Shiva


Climate Scientist: Michael Mann


Cyber Warfare: The Stuxnet Virus


Improving Native Health: Waneek Horn-Miller


After Fukishima's Nuclear Disaster


Robo-Call Scandal - Will it Stick?


The Hand of Fate: Dr. Sarah Jones


Ding, Dong ... Avon Calling

An Exploration of Dating Online

Ovarian Cancer Research: Game Changer

Ovarian Cancer Game Changer

China's Game Changer: 1976 Tangshan Quake

James Palmer - Game Changer

Game Changer for Chile - Ricardo Largos

Internet blackout against SOPA/PIPA a success

Same-Sex Marriage Laws in Canada

Prospector Shawn Ryan on Yukon Mining

Inspiring The Arab Spring: Mohamed Bouazizi

Peak Stuff: Consumption decoupled from economic growth

Atos, an IT company bans internal e-mail

Switching CFCs for HFCs: More harm than good?

Technologies & Innovations of the MIT Media Lab

Changing the game with stem cell discovery

Past Aboriginal Housing Crises

The First Ladies of the RCMP

Geoengineering to control climate change

Ms. Muir vs. AB Govt on wrongful sterilization

Game Changing moments from our listeners

Changing the face of Schizophrenia: Keris Myrick

Game Changers for Afghan Women & Girls

After the Storm: Love After a Stroke

Olympian John Carlos

Game Changer: Our Bodies, Ourselves

Food as Game Changer

Game Changer: 1973 Oil Embargo

Quantum Computing

Shannon Moroney's Story

Game Changer: Steve Jobs


Game Changer: The Mayor of Mogadishu

Game Changer: Gloria Steinem

The Story of Economic Genius: Sylvia Nasar

A Small Act: Chris Mburu

Tibetan PM: Lobsang Sangay

Game Changer: Tzeporah Berman

Game Changer: Peter Lougheed

Game Changer: The Oil Sands

What If ... Oil was left in the sand?

Game Changer: The Tories at 40

Game Changer: Mountain Pine Beetle

9/11 Special Edition of The Current in New York

The Anthropocene & Edward Burtynsky

The Vibrator

The Mechanics of the Game Changer

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