Shift (2011)


Shift - a new project this season on The Current - examines the seismic demographic changes that are altering our work, our health, our families and our politics.

Africa at 50 (2010)


This year, 17 African countries celebrate their fiftieth anniversary of independence. In our series, Africa at 50, we're looking at how far the continent has come, fifty years later.

Work in Progress (2009-2010)


The Current's series Work in Progress promises to explore developing trends and changes in how and why we work. We start with a very simple premise: everyone works, paid or not, and everyone has an opinion about work.

We will tap into the national work ethos to witness work ... in progress.

Watershed (2008-2009)


Watershed looks at the many ways that water flows through everything we do and how a simple twist of the tap influences global politics, international economics and the ecology of the entire planet.