Paul Salopek: Almost 1 year into his 7-year walking tour of the world

In Paul Salopek's first year of his seven-year global trek from Africa to Tierra del Fuego, the reporter walked alongside his camels for days in Ethiopia without seeing glass or bricks or any other signs of modern humanity and has 32,000 kilometres to go. (AP/ © National Geographic Society, John Stanmeyer)


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek is almost one year into an epic walk around the world. He has another six years to go, but he has plenty of stories about what he's seen so far. We check in with him and hear what he's learned along the way.


Four million footsteps down, just 26 million more to go ...

Perhaps more than most of us, Paul Salopek has become accustomed to the sound of his own footsteps. You may remember we spoke with the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist 10 months ago when he started an epic journey.


This graphic released by the National Geographic Society shows the route of the the planned seven-year global
trek from Africa to Tierra del Fuego of journalist Paul Salopek. (AP/Ryan Morris/© National Geographic Society).

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Paul Salopek plans a 7-year walk to trace the trails of our ancestors -- and to practice what he's called slow journalism... telling the stories of the people and places he finds along the way.

Out of Eden Walk: Dispatches from the Field from Paul Salopek -- National Geographic

Paul expects to walk more than 33,000 kilometers when he reaches his destination at the Southern tip of South America.

Paul Salopek is a National Geographic Fellow and author of National Geographic's December cover story. He joined us from Jordan.

Our chat with Paul is part of our occasional series, Eye On The Media, which looks at the ever-changing state journalism.

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Listen to our interview with Paul Salopek as he was setting out on his journey

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