War Reporting & Sat Aft at the Opera


We started our radio tour with reporter David Halton for his insight on the war years and how those years helped define the network, along with his dad Matthew Halton's war reporting. And Howard Dyck was the host of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera from 1987-2007. He tells us about the longest running program in Canada and why Opera has endured the way it has on Canadian airwaves.

Part One of The Current


It's Wednesday, November 2nd.

CBC Radio aired its first broadcast 75 years ago today.

Currently, we're determined to be here for another 75 years ...right, Mr. Harper?

This is The Current.

War Reporting - David Halton

We started this segment with the voices of Lorne Green, once known as the voice of doom, along with CBC war correspondents Peter Stursberg and Matthew Halton. CBC Radio was in its infancy when World War II broke out. But it would be a war that would catapult CBC Radio into the homes of Canadians. No longer satisfied being a news service that would rely on reading copy - CBC radio put reporters into the field for the first time.

David Halton, had an illustrious career of his own at the CBC and he is also the son of Matthew Halton. David Halton joined us from Ottawa.

Well it was CBC Radio's war coverage that put it on the map... the war inspired many different shows. We aired a sampling, beginning with the Beaverclub Greetings.

Saturday Afternoon at the Opera - Howard Dyck

We started this segment with the haunting voice of Maria Callas performing the title role of Donizetti's Lucia Lammermoor. As long as there's been a CBC, there's been grand opera in the afternoon on Saturdays.

Beginning in 1936 the Texaco Metropolitan Opera Saturday matinee began on CBC, making it the longest running program on Canadian Airwaves. Now, the program known in its present incarnation as Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, still broadcasts its famous Live at The Met along with opera productions from opera houses and festivals in Canada and around the world.

Howard Dyck was the host of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera from 1987-2007 and he was in Toronto.

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