Diana's Legacy

royalwedding.jpg Britain hasn't had this kind of excitement over a Royal couple for decades and with it
many people are transported back to the wedding of William's parents - that July day when Diana Spencer became Princess of Wales. Diana was a Royal Mother like no other. The official, royal photographer assigned to trail her was a woman about her own age. This morning Jayne Fincher shares what she saw as she watched Diana raise her eldest son.

Anna Maria Tremonti's royal co-host for our Royal Wedding Special was Nancy Durham in London.



It's Thursday April 28th.

Canadians everywhere are abuzz over tomorrow's royal wedding.

Except Stephen Harper who is calling the union "a reckless coalition".

This is The Current.

Diana's Legacy - Jayne Fincher

When Prince William gave his fiancé his mother's highly symbolic sapphire engagement ring he said he wanted Diana to be part of the wedding celebrations. Diana launched a kind of transformation of the monarchy with her less formal approach to court life and there is today a different feeling about the royals. It's like Diana took the royal family out of the palace and into the streets. Her marriage to Charles might have been a disaster but the late princess of wales laid the groundwork for a new look royal family.

But it's the impact Diana had on her sons that may be the enduring legacy.So to help us understand Diana's Legacy, we were joined by Jayne Fincher. She spent 25 years as an official photographer for the Royal Family. From the moment that Prince Charles and Lady Diana were engaged, until Diana died in 1997, Jayne Fincher had unprecedented access to Princess Diana and her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Jayne Fincher joined us from her home in Surrey, England.

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