Paying more being poor

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We also take a look at the higher costs low-income people pay for a range of day-to-day expenses. Many low-income Canadians end up paying the most .... everything from groceries to banking, and those higher costs make it even harder to escape poverty.

Part Three of The Current

Paying more being poor - Panel

We started this segment with Sasha Maruschak in Winnipeg. Sasha's story illustrates a paradox faced by many poor people... they often end up paying more than the middle-class or wealthy for day-to-day expenses.

The costs for everything from borrowing money to a litre of milk can be inflated depending on the neighbourhood in which you live, your credit rating, access to transportation and access to cash.

To discuss this issue, we were joined by three people living with this fact of life. Wayne MacNaughton is from Halifax and is a member of the Community Advocates Network, which is made up of lower-income Haligonians and advocates. Mirabel Moroni is a single mother in Vancouver. And Emily Comeau is a fibre artist in Montreal.

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