Unfaithful in Rome: Women on their love affairs with Catholic priests

At regular meetings in Rome, a support group of Italian women gather to discuss their former and ongoing affairs with priests. (Reuters)


Over the course of 25 years, Maria Grazia Fillipucci was in an unusual relationship. And despite the depth of her feelings, she was forced to keep the liaison a secret. Now, she is speaking out about what she and dozens of other women in Rome have in common: love affairs with Catholic priests.

This month, an Italian newspaper published an interview with Pope Francis, in which the Pope appeared to suggest priests might be allowed to marry.

He suggested celibacy is a problem and he promised to find solutions. But some of his priests seem to be way out in front of this particular problem.

Megan Williams captured Maria Grazia Fillipucci's story in this documentary Unfaithful, which first aired in February.

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