Can Justin Trudeau bring the Liberals back to power?

When Justin Trudeau took over in 2013, the Liberal Party had lost nearly half its seats, and plunged in the popular vote. (Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld)


Justin Trudeau's first year as Leader of the Liberal party has been all about the hard work of rebuilding, and the hope of being rewarded in the next round. But is it enough to bring his party back to power? And what would he do if he gets there? We have a conversation with Justin Trudeau.

The Liberal party Mr. Trudeau took over in 2013 was a husk of the mighty party that once governed Canada. It had lost nearly half its seats, plunged in the popular vote, and barely existed in huge swaths of the country.

"We took people who had always voted for us for granted. We turned inward and started focusing more on who gets to sit in the front seat of the bus than where the bus was going. "

Justin Trudeau

Leading the Liberals after their worst defeat in history would be few people's idea of a dream job, but Trudeau easily defeated his leadership rivals and the party's approval rating began to climb. Early on, he staked out what could be divisive positions on marijuana, abortion and the Senate.

The boy who was born at 24 Sussex Drive -- now a 42-year-old father of three -- hopes his message of hope and hard work will convince voters to send him back to Sussex Drive in October 2015.

Justin Trudeau joined us yesterday in our Toronto studio.

Do you think Trudeau's strategy is working for the Liberals?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Idella Sturino.

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