Can Mentors Help Smash the Glass Ceiling?

CBC's Dragons' Den "dragons" including Arlene Dickinson. Women with mentors are more likely to advance their careers. CP/HO-CBC.


Studies show women with mentors are more likely to advance their careers and yet women are still less likely to get that mentor. And some millennials aren't convinced they need or want such connections. Today, we're asking about the merits of mentoring.

Friends and admirers of Jim Flaherty will remember him today at his funeral as a devoted public servant, finance minister, family man and friend. And some will remember Flaherty as a mentor.

"He was my mentor, and my champion. I ran for office because of his persistence."

Minister of Labour and the Status of Women, Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch is just one of many people who credit Jim Flaherty for going out of his way to mentor young talent... especially, women.

For all the doors that have opened to women in the worlds of corporate power and politics in recent decades, the path to the top can still be difficult to climb without help.

Today we're asking how important it is to have a mentor's guidance.

We'd like to hear from you -- what's the value of mentorship? And if you've had a mentor help in your career, let us know about it.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Peter Mitton and Liz Hoath.

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