A migrant worker from Peru working in Ontario survives a horrific crash and is fighting to get back into Canada

Juan Jose Ariza (right) with his son Flavio and wife Edith. The family hopes Canada will allow them permanent residency. In 2012, Juan Jose was a victim of a highway crash that killed 10 migrant workers from Peru & one Canadian. (Roxana Olivera)


He saw the accident coming and could do nothing ... suddenly all of Juan Jose Ariza's plans were shattered. It was his first day on the job as a migrant worker from Peru in rural Ontario. Eleven men would die, he would be sent home to recover. Today, he is fighting to return with his family, asking for compassion from the federal bureaucracy.


Widows of three men who died in the 2012 highway crash gather regularly in a cemetery outside Comas to remember their
husbands. They support Juan Jose's dream of a life in Canada, even though the country represents tragedy. (Roxana Olivera)

The future of a Peruvian man who came to Canada as a migrant worker in 2012, remains uncertain... Two years ago, Juan Jose Ariza was badly injured in a horrific traffic accident in Ontario that killed 10 migrant workers from Peru.

The CBC's Laura Lynch met him while he was in rehabilitation back then. Juan Jose Ariza's story is a compelling case in point - as it raises the question of what responsibility Canada should have for such workers. The CBC's Laura Lynch met him while he was in rehabilitation in Peru after spending time with Juan at his home in Lima. That's where her documentary "Collision of Dreams" begins.

For more on this story, here is an article by Laura Lynch -- CBC News

This documentary was produced with help in Peru from Roxana Olivera.

A special thanks to the following actors in Vancouver... Armando Canales voiced the translation of Juan; Daniela Camona was the voice in translation of Edith ; Delia was voiced by Ana Carizales; and Steffan Chavarria voiced the translation of Javier.


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