Farmers may see backlog grain moved this week

"I think Harper has to put on his big boy pants and start using a big stick on the transportation is a federal issue." - Manitoba farmer Dennis Gallant on the grain backlog. (CP Photo)


We have an update on the grain transportation crisis. Canadian farmers have been blaming railways for a grain backlog and railways are blaming cold weather. Well, the government has ordered CN & CP rail to move 1 million tones of grain starting this week. We check in with a Manitoba farmer we spoke to last month.

For months, farmers across the country have been unable to move their grain. Some farmers blamed the railways for not making grain a priority. CN and CP blamed the extreme cold weather and a large harvest year for the backlog.

When we first brought you this story we heard from Manitoba grain farmer Dennis Gallant.

Well, just after that interview, the federal government acted. It ordered CN and CP Rail to move a combined one million tonnes of wheat, corn, and other grains. The railways are expected to comply starting this week, or face a fine of $100,000 a day.

We reached Dennis Gallant in Warren, Manitoba, for an update.

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