How long will it take to get answers about the Malaysia Airlines crash?

Oxygen masks from the missing Air France flight 447 are seen at the Air Force base in Recife June 12, 2009. The Air France Airbus A330 crashed into the sea on June 1 en route from Brazil to Paris, killing all 228 aboard. The investigation into the crash took years to complete REUTERS/Stringer Brazil


Beijing television carried a live broadcast of what it said was a woman trying to call her brother a passenger on Malaysia Airlines 370. The cell phone rang and rang. The call went unanswered. The story of that missing plane comes down to that: loved ones - frantic uncomprehending helpless, unable to change anything.
Aircraft don't  just vanish;  the fate of Malaysian airlines Flight MH370 will eventually be known.   But for friends and relatives of the people on board, each day the mystery goes unsolved is another day of anguish.  Nearly five years ago, another flight  disappeared  off the coast of Brazil with nearly 230 people on board.   It took days to find the wreckage, nearly two years to find the flight recorders.   For  relatives, there was little to do but wait.  John Clemes brother, Brad was on board Flight 447.  John Clemes joined us from London where he now lives.

Steven Marks is a lawyer who's spent the past twenty years representing families of victims of plane crashes, including the Air France Flight 447.  He works with the law firm Podhurst Orseck in Miami, where we reached him.

Nick Stoss has extensive experience in the grim work of airline crash investigation. He was the Director of Air Investigations branch of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.  And he joined us from Ottawa.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Sarah Grant, Idella Sturino, and Leif Zapf-Gilje

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