Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You

Author Dan Riskin explains how sheep are not just cute and fluffy and when wolves are around, sheep are actually quite selfish in their quest for survival. (Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images)


Everyone knows a falling sky can't kill. But there are plenty of other things in nature that will. And it's far, far worse for bugs. Canadian author, Dan Riskin has a playful new book that examines the risks around us. And once you've heard him? You'll never trust sheep again.


Emerald Cockroach Wasps inject mind-controlling venom with a sting to the brain, making roach into a zombie to lay a single egg. The larva bores into the cockroach and feeds of its organs, sometimes for weeks, before killing it. sharadKpatel

We all know no one of us is getting out of this alive, but you may be astonished to learn some of the fiendish ways nature kills. Painful, protracted and diabolical. Dan Riskin's seen the autopsies on natural deaths and gives us the coroner's report.

mother-nature-book180.jpgIf you think cockroach wasps are nightmarish, you should read what Dan Riskin's learned about the rest of the cruel web of existence.

He's the the co-host of Daily Planet on Discovery Canada. And he is also an evolutionary biologist.

Dan Riskin's new book is called Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You: A Lively Tour Through the Dark Side of the Natural World. He was in New York City.

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