Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne on her first year on the job

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne joins us a year into her job to talk about trying to implement her agenda as she struggles with Ottawa, and the legacy of a government that some accuse of reckless spending. (Reuters/Mark Blinch)


When she took over as premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne bolted forward with a breathlessly ambitious political agenda but she is chased by the legacy of her own Liberal predecessor, along with opposition parties that could topple her minority government and political rivals in Ottawa who are nipping at her heels.

"I set goals. Really hard to accomplish goals. I never stop until they're done."

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

The Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne put on a brave face last week after her Liberal party was shut out of two Ontario by-elections. And a new federal budget reduced its cash flow for the province. All as she marked her  first anniversary in the Premier's office.

Kathleen Wynne was in our Toronto studio.

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