Mark Tewksbury gets today's Last Word on the Olympics

Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke died after sustaining serious injuries in a skiing accident on Jan. 10, 2012 during a training run in the superpipe at a personal sponsor event. (Reuters/Lehtikuva/Tor Wennstroem GB/)


As Sochi 2014 gets underway, Mark Tewksbury shares his personal thoughts celebrating human achievement, connecting to the humanity of sport and paying tribute to two Canadian athletes who died competing and training in their sports in 2012.

Nik-Zoricic-feature .jpg

Canadian skier Nik Zoricic died from head injuries suffered in a crash at a World Cup race in Switzerland, March 2012. (CP/Jonathan Hayward)

Here is Mark Tewksbury's essay to close our special Olympic edition of The Current

"Now, as the Games get underway... I am reminded of a couple of things.

The first is how dangerous winter sports can be. It is with great sadness I remember Sarah Burke and Nik Zoricic --- two Canadian athletes who died competing and training in their sports in 2012. Nik was a ski cross racer, and Sarah competed in the half pipe event in freestyle skiing. Both will be greatly missed on the Canadian Team --- but Sarah's legacy lives on. She was a pioneer who lobbied for her event to be in the Olympics --- which it will be for the first time in Sochi.

And for all the political discussion that has taken place around these games, it is important to remember what the games are all about. The Olympics bring the world together to compete against each other in peaceful circumstances ---- which I still feel is a very important thing. Yes, the games are about sport but they are also about humanity... finding ways to connect with each other no matter where we come from; and about hope --- that there is still a place to celebrate human achievement and ideals in an ever cynical world.

That is why in spite of all the challenges, I will be watching and listening to the games over the next 2 weeks every chance I get. I hope you will too."

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