Minimum Wage Wars: Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada is one the country's largest corporate employers with a workforce of 95,000 people. (CP/Geoff Howe)


Walmart Canada is one the country's largest corporate employers. Walmart Canada says criticism of its wage policies is misdirected because it determines what it pays employees based on government minimum wage laws and by what it needs to do to be competitive with other companies in its sector.

More large businesses are hiring employees to fill minimum wage jobs than ever before. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says in 2012, companies with a workforce of 500 or more hired more than 45 per cent of the minimum wage earners in Canada.


Source: Statistics Canada

Andrew Pelletier is its Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability. We reached him in his office at the Walmart Headquarters in Mississauga.

In preparing today's special, we also contacted McDonalds; and got no answer. Tim Hortons turned us down for an interview.

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This special was produced by The Current's Lara O'Brien, Kristin Nelson and Sujata Berry.

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