Tuesday Special: Minimum Wage Wars

Kevin Nabess works at the Saskatoon Food Bank and makes less then minimum wage. Making ends meet means sacrificing a vehicle and sharing a bus pass to provide for their three children. Their family use the Food Bank twice a month to subsidize groceries.


More than one million Canadians live on minimum wage, which in most places, means living below the poverty level. Tomorrow we bring you a Project Money special on minimum wage and discuss the challenges of earning below the poverty line and what a small hike could mean for a better quality of life.

Listen to Kevin Nabess as he shares his experience trying to make ends meet.

"We use the food bank twice a month. We have to subsidize our food intake. It does take a lot actually make all the ends meet. And we do have to cut a lot of corners."

Kevin Nabess earns less then minimum wage in Saskatoon

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