Wren Kauffman: A transgender boy shares his story

(Wren Kauffman)


Wren Kauffman and his family are on a journey no one expected but that all of them have embraced. Today we bring you one family's story of love and learning and change as their eldest child lives openly as a transgender son. We reprise Anna Maria Tremonti's interview with Wren and his mother and sister that originally aired in September

A family's journey of love and acceptance ...

"I never really felt like a girl and I guess I just started to express that when I was really little ... maybe 4 years old. I think now I am much happier as a boy because if I never felt like a girl why should I be like one".

Wren Kauffman, 11 years old

Wren Kauffman is like many 11 year olds. He loves martial arts and is a voracious reader. This year, he's in grade 7 at Victoria School of the Arts in Edmonton.

But Wren used to be known to most of his friends and family as ... Wrenna. He was born a girl, but now lives as a boy.

His friends and teachers know because Wren has chosen not to hide his transition.

Wren Kauffman, his mom Wen, and little sister Avy were in our Edmonton studio.

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