Sisters of Mercy



Today as part of Project Money we bring you the story of desire and deceit. Producer Joan Webber follows the story of two unsuspecting friends caught in an elaborate fraud in our documentary, Sisters of Mercy.

The Story of Stolen Trust

Some people are motivated by compassion. Others are by motivated by greed. Some people will do anything for love. Others will do anything for money. And when the lives of those people intersect ... it doesn't always end well.

The story begins with one man's story through the eyes of those who thought they knew him best.

His name is Kristopher Cook. In the Fall of 2012, Kristopher was taken to hospital after a badly beaten in jail. Anyone close to Kristopher would never have predicted where he ended up. He was remarkably popular. A transplanted Texan making a new home in Calgary.

Getting to know Kristopher ...

Robin Feagen, an elementary school teacher cared a lot about Kristopher. He was part of the family, included to family functions and always fun and charismatic. Robin felt very close to him, she was a confidant. One day Kristopher told Robin he had a brain tumour and the deceit began.


Hayley Muir at her job hosting a University of
Calgary campus radio show, Dixie Fried.

Hayley Muir fell in love with Kristopher almost right away. They dated for only a month before Hayley was told that Kristopher's brain tumour was cancerous. Kristopher moved in and Hayley took care of him becoming the girlfriend, taking care of bills and also being the caregiver. And soon she had questions.

Their story unfolds in Joan Webber's documentary, Sisters of Mercy.

Our multiple attempts to contact Kristopher Cook - including through his former lawyer - were unsuccessful.

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