Pass It Around: A millionaire changing fortunes of his B.C. community

Lottery winner Bob Erb is changing the lives of people in his town Terrace, B.C. by sharing his $25 million dollar winnings with friends and even strangers


In Terrace, B.C., there's a man about town who everyone knows. His name is Bob Erb and it's as though he's got 25 million dollars burning a hole in his pocket. The local lottery winner -- known for his proclivity for marijuana -- is financing dental care and cars and handing out cheques in the thousands and tens of thousands to friends and strangers alike. Meet Bob Erb as we travel to Terrace, B.C. in our special Project Money documentary, Pass It Around which originally aired in September 2013.

From his marijuana to his money, Bob Erb is a guy who likes to share. When Bob Erb found himself with a lottery windfall, a lot of people in Terrace B.C. experienced a gust of good fortune, because Bob Erb took his money and began to pass it around.

Terrace, B.C. is already in economic recovery. A coastal mountain town once so financially stressed people were leaving, and schools were closing. Now it's a hub so busy with workers coming and going, you can barely get a hotel room.

Bob Erb didn't turn Terrace around. But he seems to have turned some lives around.

The documentary "Pass It Around" was produced by The Current's  Anna Maria Tremonti, Elizabeth Hoath and Joan Webber.

Wayne Hiltz may never need a lift again. Having won the lottery, he has several rides to choose from -- one of which set him back about 90 thousand dollars. Pretty steep for a guy who not that long ago ago was living on welfare in Newfoundland. In fact, the only wheels he had back then belonged an old bike he found by the side of the road ... Which explains why he was known around town as "the bike man."

The Current spoke with new millionaire Wayne Hiltz of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, in September.  He will be celebrating his 60th birthday on Christmas eve and we're told the family will celebrate the occasion as it always has, at his daughter Jackie's in a nearby community.

Jackie Hiltz says her parents have kept their lives fairly simple since winning $2 million in May. They moved out of their low rent bungalow and bought a 30 year old house in Bay Roberts where Wayne lives with his wife and youngest son. Wayne keeps his former means of transport -- his bicycle, on a wall in the house

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