New App Lets Women Rate Men

The new smart phone app Lulu allows women to read reviews of men (Ed Yourdon via photopin cc)


Lulu is a new app that allows women to rate the men in their life - on matters of sex and more. Some call it a harmless game, others say it's a platform for revenge and an invasion of privacy. We look at what this says about men, women and the new dating game.

Two young Canadian women have created a new smartphone application that's already a hit with young women everywhere. If you haven't heard of Lulu, you're probably not a young woman on the dating scene today.

Lulu offers reviews of men. Women are encouraged to rate the men they've known, especially the men they've ....known. And if you're thinking of dating a particular man, Lulu lets you look him up and see what others have thought.

 It's strictly women-only. And it's not just about leaving a score, it's also about leaving descriptive "hashtags...." The app seems to be reaching a critical mass of popularity, especially on campus.

Alison Schwartz is one of the co-founders of Lulu. She's also the Editorial Director. We reached her at her office in London, England.

Some people believe humans aren't the sort of thing you judge and then leave dangling around the internet. Deanna Zandt is an online strategist and a contributor to the blog "Prospect: Tech". We reached her in New York.

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How do men feel about being rated on LuLu? George Orlin has created a petition aimed at closing the doors on Lulu . We reached him in Dahlonega, Georgia.

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