A plan to enshrine the environment into Canada's constitution

Most of us believe we have a right to clean air and water. But should rights for the environment be equal to human rights? Should there be a green constitution? 
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Some people believe a healthy environment is more than something to rejoice, it should be a right on a equal footing with other human rights. We speak to a man who wants the right to clean air and water written into our constitution.


Even beer companies know how strongly Canadians thirst for their natural heritage. And according to pollster Angus Reid, 83-percent of Canadians think that protecting the environment should be part of the national legal fabric, and that environmental rights should be elevated to the same level as human rights.

The poll was commissioned by the David Suzuki Foundation. It is releasing a series of white papers today in advance of a public campaign to promote the greening of our constitution.

Right to a Healthy Environment: White Papers Series - David Suzuki Foundation

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The author of those papers is David Boyd...an environmental lawyer and adjunct professor in Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University.

Keith Wilson is also a lawyer. For the past 18 years he has gone to bat for people who have come in to conflict with the oil and gas industry, primarily in Alberta. Keith Wilson was in St. Albert, Alberta.

Do you think a green constitution is in order? Does the environment deserve rights at the same level as human rights? Share your thoughts.

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This segment was produced by Vancouver's Network Producer, Yvonne Gall.

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