What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist who Tried to Kill Your Wife


David Harris-Gershon's wife survived a horrific Hamas bombing in Jerusalem a decade ago ... but her injuries and recovery took an unexpected toll on him. He decided the only way forward would be to try to meet the bomber. And then he faced an unusual dilemma.

David Harris-Gershon's had lots of questions about why a stranger would try to kill his wife. So he went looking to meet the bomber.

She was sitting with two friends who were killed instantly and the only reason we think she survived was she was reaching beneath the table at the moment the bomb went off. - David Harris-Gershon speaking of his wife surviving a bomb attack

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A bombing at Jerusalem's Hebrew University in July 2002 left nine people killed and dozens wounded. Among the bloody bodies was a badly injured student from the U.S., Jamie Harris-Gershon.

Eleven years after the attack, her husband David has written a controversial memoir about that day. It's also about what happened after... how he tried to reach out to the bomber. His book is called What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist who Tried to Kill Your Wife?

David Harris-Gershon was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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