Why residents of Flin Flon, Manitoba, don't trust their hospital


In the city of Flin Flon, near the Manitoba Saskatchewan border, some residents drive hundreds of kilometres to avoid their own hospital. Gosia Sawicka with the CBC's I-team in Winnipeg travelled to the mining community to hear from residents.

There are more than a dozen complaints about the care being provided at the hospital in Flin Flon, Man., from patients and their families as well as some staff.

It is a small hospital where ER doctors scheduled themselves on 24 hour shifts, able to add fee upon fee for being on-call for multiple medical disciplines, a practice that saw them take home salaries of around $750,000 dollars a year.

But then residents began complaining of mistakes and of getting unsatisfactory answers in the treatment of loved ones.

Today, Gosia Sawicka brings us the story of money and medicine in one Manitoba community.

CBC News will be following this story as the outcome of an external review at the Flin Flon emergency room may shed more light on the issues.

Share your thoughts on this story. Do you live in Flin Flon? Have you avoided the hospital and driven to another one?

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This segment was produced by Winnipeg's Network Producer Suzanne Dufresne and The Current's Joan Webber.

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