In His Footsteps: Corporal James Hayward Arnal


Wendy Hayward was uneasy as she watched her soldier son head to Afghanistan for yet another tour of duty with Canadian troops. And when he was killed, She went to Afghanistan and could not leave. Today, the story of one woman's journey through life at the Kandahar Air Field, through the recordings and the diaries her son left behind.

* WARNING: Some of the details of this story are explicit and disturbing. *

A mother's love takes her from Winnipeg to Kandahar to follow the trail of her son, the soldier ...

After nearly a dozen years in Afghanistan, Canada's troops are coming home. As we've discussed on the show this week, next month the country will begin withdrawing the last of its troops.


Corporal James Hayward Arnal became the 88th
Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan. He was a
member of the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's
Canadian Light Infantry.

Many of the Canadians wounded in this conflict never wore a uniform.

This story begins at the height of Canada's robust involvement at NATO's military base - the Kandahar Air field - in Southern Afghanistan. Alongside soldiers, citizens cut hair, prepared food, and served coffee.

A Soldier's Story -- Winnipeg Free Press

Today we have a special documentary about one of those civilians ... a woman who travelled to Afghanistan in search of work and much more.

Nelofer Pazira's documentary is called In His Footsteps.


Wendy & her son, Cpl. James Hayward Arnal
Wendy Hayward still lives in Winnipeg.

Cdn soldier killed by roadside bomb -- CBC News

A special thanks to Kyle Jesperson... the Vancouver actor played the part of the late Corporal James Hayward Arnal. And thanks too to actor Lucas Wolf - also based in Vancouver. He played the role of the soldier on patrol the night James died.

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MAIL: Faking Academic Credentials

We had a big response to Friday's discussion on academic credentials. One of the most prominent academics in New Brunswick, Louis LaPierre, has now admitted he misrepresented his credentials.

Teresa Fishman directs the International Centre for Academic Integrity. She spoke about how Louis Lapierre handled the matter once his false credentials came to light.

"Everybody has to respect the fact that somebody when they make a mistake, and we all do make mistakes, if they offer us a full and sincere apology in which they truly take responsibility. What troubles me about LaPierre's apology is that he said that he was surprised by the controversy. He said he had a role in it and actually he created the problem".

Teresa Fishman, International Centre for Academic Integrity

To that, Rose McIntyre of Whitby, Ontario sent this:

" How in the world can everyone even suggest that Mr LaPierre made a mistake! He decided to lie, over and over again. That could never be classed as a mistake".

And here's one more comment from Paul White, PhD. He writes from Ottawa:

" I do not agree that having a science PhD makes you an authority. Yes, it gives you instant credentials, but there are plenty of PhDs who are, for a lack of a better word, morons! Plus, I have met plenty of keen and accomplished individuals who do NOT have PhDs".

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Last Word: Christopher Hitchens

Tomorrow on The Current, we'll hear how more than a dozen Caribbean nations want Britain, France and the Netherlands to pay reparations for the damages done... by slavery.

It's a volatile issue and few people were more interested in that volatility than the late Christopher Hitchens. During a debate at Boston University, he argued reparations should definitely be made.

In his trademark style, he seemed to contend that the arguments for refusing to pay reparations are not only unjust and mean-spirited -- they're kind of annoying.

Today's Last Word goes to Christopher Hitchens.

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