Is it ever ethical to out a gay politician?


With Russia's plan for harsh laws denying child custody to gay parents, a Russian journalist is preparing to out LGBT politicians actively or passively enabling the legislation. Today we debate the the wisdom of outing public figures.


Toronto activists protest in solidarity for queer Russians

They've tried traditional protests, kiss-ins and even the odd little vodka boycotts . Demonstrators against Russian's anti-gay legislation show their anger in many ways.

But the anger of LGBT activist and journalist Elena Kostyuchenko is explosive. Moscow's lawmakers are considering a bill that could deny gay parents custody of their children.

Elena Kostyuchenko Threatens To Out Closeted Politicians -- Huffington Post

Elena Kostyuchenko threatens to out any closeted-gay politicians who vote in its favour. She's asking the public for help in identifying any closeted politicians. She calls her mission uncomfortable, but necessary. Elena Kostyuchenko is a journalist for Novaya Gazetta in Moscow.


Activists hold a banner reading "Homophobia - the religion of bullies" in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. (Associated Press)

Exposing someone's hidden sexual identify is an extremely divisive issue.

For their thoughts on whether and under what circumstances it might be justified, we continued our discussion with two guests.

  • Duncan Osborne is a member of Queer Nation - a gay activist group. He believes it is justifiable to out closetted LGBT politicians if they are involved in suppressing the rights of LGBT people. Duncan Osborne was in Brooklyn, New York.

* CORRECTION: Our guest Duncan Osborne referred to US State Senator as Roy Ashford ... his name is Roy Ashburn. *

  • Gregory Angelo is the Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans, a group dedicated to advancing the interests of LGBT communities within the Republican Party. Gregory Angelo feels it is never justifiable to out a politician because it leads into morally indefensible places and is counter-productive strategically. He was in Washington.

What are your thoughts. When is it okay to out gay politicians? Is it ever okay?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Vanessa Greco, Gord Westmacott and Nuruddin Qorane.

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