Dual Diagnosis: The Long Way Home


George and Laurie Ann Pearson did what most parents could never imagine -- they left their son at the hospital. Today in our documentary, A Long Way Home, the dual diagnosis that pushed one family to the brink.

A dilemma -- and a decision -- born of love

Raising a child with severe disabilities can be daunting. Let alone when that child has more than one medical condition. For doctors, those cases can be especially problematic ... patients who cannot communicate their ailments can go undiagnosed -- or even misdiagnosed.

Today, we bring you the story of one Ontario couple whose son suffers from multiple mental and physical disorders. As part of our Line in the Sand project, Producer Howard Goldenthal brings us the story of a dilemma born out of desperation in his documentary is called The Long Way Home.

This documentary first aired in September 2012.

An update to this story: Greg Pearson is no longer at that group home outside of North Bay. Greg ran away from the home several times during his stay. He was arrested one night while trying to get into a nearby house. After being assessed, he was found unfit to face his charges. Last we heard, Greg had been transferred to the North Bay Regional Health Centre.

For more information on Dual Diagnosis, here are some resource links:

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