Learning animal language from prairie dogs


Anyone who's yearned to understand animals might jump for joy as a result of work done at Northern Arizona University. Researchers believe they've decoded some prairie dog language -- and it may lead to new ways of understanding animal talk.

Author of Chasing Doctor Dollittle, Con Slobodchikoff

Dr. Dolittle dreamt how wonderful it would be to understand the language of animals. But our next guest believes he knows how wonderful it is. For a start, he's managed to decode prairie dogs speaking.

prairiedog-250 px.jpg

Con Slobodchikoff thinks prairie dogs have the
most sophisticated language. (stevehdc)

Con Slobodchikoff has spent 30 years studying their language. And he's discovered a sophisticated communication system... one he hopes may lead to better communication between humans and animals.

Animal Behaviorist: We'll Soon Have Devices That Let Us Talk With Our Pets --The Atlantic

Con Slobodchikoff is a professor Emeritus at Northern Arizona University and author of the book Chasing Doctor Dolittle - Learning the Language of Animals. We reached him at his home near Sedona, Arizona.


This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath.

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