The story of North Koreans who defect to China and beyond


It's no secret how badly many North Koreans want to get out of North Korea. Escaping the country is almost impossible, but those who do get out find their troubles are far from over. Today, we look at new documentary that profiles the courage of North Koreans determined to find a new home.

THE DEFECTOR: Escape from North Korea - (OFFICIAL TRAILER) Sept 28, 2012
from Fathom Film Group - Ann Shin on Vimeo.

Sook-Ya, is a North Korean defector and one of several people profiled in a new documentary by Toronto director Ann Shin. 'The Defector' chronicles the arduous journey North Korean defectors must undertake. They escape to China, but can't stay there legally. So their struggle continues as they try to get to South Asia and beyond.

Ann Shin met several of these defectors, as well as the people who help them. And she joined us from Toronto.

'The Defector' premiers this Saturday at Hot Docs and makes its broadcast premiere on TVO Wed. June 26 at 9 pm. Ann Shin was in our Toronto studio.

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