Mass confusion at the Boston Marathon after explosions


Powerful explosions killed three people and left more than 140 injured. Fans, children, runners are the victims of unknown attackers, targeted for unknown reasons. We speak with a John Tlumacki, a photographer who was at the race, as well as Canadians in the race and experts trying to piece together what happened. *** More pictures from John Tlumacki at the Boston Marathon.

Boston Globe Photographer, John Tlumacki

For 20 years, John Tlumacki has captured the sweat, the joy and the pain that comes with crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon. But yesterday the 30-year photographer with the Boston Globe captured tragedy in motion at the finish line during yesterday's bomb attack.

John Tlumacki was on the line from Boston. It is his photo you will see on the front pages of many newspapers this morning.

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Boston Marathon Runners, Jim Gibson & Leslie Pidcock

Our next two guests were both entered in the marathon. Jim Gibson and Leslie Pidcock are from Calgary. They are married. And they had some very anxious moments after the blasts. We reached them both in their Boston hotel this morning.

Panel: James Der Darian / David Hyde

James Der Darian is the Director of the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney in Australia. He's originally from North Hampton, Massachusetts.

And David Hyde is a Toronto-based security consultant specializing in risk assessment and emergency planning. He was in Calgary this morning.

This segment was produced by The Current's Dawna Dingwall, Vanessa Greco, Gord Wesmacott and Josh Bloch.

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