Nail Art: More than just fashion & beauty


It is a growing art form worth Billions across North America. Work that is literally at the tip-of-the-fingers of those who display it. Elaborate Nail Art is on the rise, a form of grooming that crosses socio-economic and racial lines. Today we're tracking the consequences of recessionary times.

Nails Across America Project, Breanne Trammell

From pretty spring-time pastels to ferocious pointed tips... Youtube is full of tutorials with instructions on do-it-yourself fingernail art.

In Toronto, the nail art trend has taken off... and specialty salons have opened for customers anxious to sport an art gallery on their mitts. At Pinky's Salon artist Justin Cappelleti turns humble finger nails into acts of individual expression. It's a trend that is becoming hard to ignore.

Some nail art photos from Pinky's Salon:

U.S. artist Breanne Trammell hits the road this May for a summer tour across the United States with a mobile manicure salon. Her experiential art project is called Nails Across America . Breanne Trammel joined us from Sharon, Connecticut.

Nailgasm Director, Brass Montgomery

Nailgasm is a documentary about fingernail art. It explores how this sub-culture has gone mainstream. Brass Montgomery is the director of Nailgasm and she was in Los Angeles.

Nails Magazine, Sree Roy

Bloggers like Tammy Rex, the Canadian Nail Fanatic have helped make nail art such a big business. According to Nails Magazine $7.47-billion was spent in U.S. nail salons in 2012 and drug store nail product sales are up 59 per cent.

Sree Roy is the managing editor at Nails Magazine and she was in Los Angeles

This segment was produced by The Current's Shannon Higgins and Lara O'Brien.

Last Word - Margaret Thatcher Speech

Earlier, we talked about the legacy of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died this morning at 87. Before she was even prime minister, Thatcher was dubbed "the Iron Lady" by the Soviet press for her tough line on the Soviet Union. The nickname was not meant as a compliment. But Thatcher turned it into one in a 1976 political speech we heard about earlier. Today's last word goes to Margaret Thatcher, giving that speech.

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