Ending Life: Susan Griffiths' story


Susan Griffiths has an appointment with death. It is one she has chosen, deciding she has no desire to further succumb to the degenerative disease that already rages through her. She is choosing assisted suicide outside of Canada because it is not available to her inside Canada ... a fact she is using her literally-dying-breath to fight. Today, Susan Griffiths' parting words on the right to die.

Susan Griffiths plans to end her life in Switzerland

Not many people would wish to know the exact day they are going to die.
But for Susan Griffiths, not having that date would make the rest of her life unbearable.

Susan Griffiths was diagnosed last year with Multiple Systems Atrophy -- a degenerative neurological disorder. There is no cure. Most people who suffer with Multiple Systems Atrophy die within 6 to 10 years of the diagnosis. It is not the way Ms. Griffiths wants her life to end.

She will say goodbye to her family and end her life - but not here in Canada. It will be in Switzerland, with the help of Dignitas, the assisted suicide organization.

Susan Griffiths left for Europe on Saturday. We spoke to her and her daughter, Natasha Griffiths on Friday from Griffiths' home in Winnipeg.

This segment was produced by Winnipeg's Network Producer, Suzanne Dufresne.

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