Dog Dazed: Co-existing with canines


It turns out, dogs have many dark sides. They consume, they pollute, they take over the place. But we love 'em. At least, many of us do. Increasingly, dogs, dog lovers and dog haters are coming into collision. Filmmaker Helen Slinger joins us to talk about her documentary on how we're all going to have to get along.

"As a politician I have learned that there are two things that you never do. You never change parking restrictions and you never get yourself involved in a dog park".

Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz learned the hard way not to get between voters and their dogs. She was at the heart of a particularly nasty debate over an off-leash area. But it's getting harder for politicians and even regular people to get away from dog debates.

Canine ownership has doubled in Canada over the past decade as more dogs join human packs.  All those dogs need somewhere to run, play, and evacuate. We spoke to filmmaker Helen Slinger about how dogs have caused heated debates in urban areas.

Slinger's documentary "Dog Dazed" will air Mar. 21st on Doc Zone on CBC Television.

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath.

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