State of Care Documentary: Canada's segregated health care


Native Canadians who fell ill used to be able to count on one thing -- not sharing a hospital ward with a white Canadian. Today we air a documentary on the story of segregated health care in Canada -- and it's not that old a story.

State of Care Documentary: Canada's segregated health care

Today we bring you a story about health care in the native community. It's not something many first nations people speak about -- it involves allegations of isolation, abuse and discrimination.

Those may be familiar charges to anyone who knows about the history of residential schools. But they also surface in the history of hospital care -- it was segregated in Canada, right up until the 1970's.

Health Canada currently faces a lawsuit relating to a former so-called Indian-only hospital in Nanaimo, B.C.

Freelancer Stephanie Law spoke to some former patients of Canada's segregated health system and prepared the documentary, State of Care.

We asked Health Canada about the lawsuit it's currently facing regarding the former Nanaimo Indian Hospital. Health Canada says it will not comment, because it's before the courts.

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