BlackBerry: Reinvention & Canadian Pride


If Canada's signature tech company RIM, now called BlackBerry, is to revive its fortunes, it will need to straddle both the business and the consumer market with the BlackBerry 10 to appeal to everyone from teens to bosses. But while there's a lot riding on this launch, how much of our collective Canadian identity is also at stake? Today, we explore our emotional connectivity to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry: Reinvention & Canadian Pride - Online Technology Reporter

The crowd gathered at Manhattan's Pier 36 was hardly able to see the little hand-held device Research in Motion, now known as BlackBerry, CEO Thorsten Heins was unveiling. But there are absolutely giant hopes for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and its new operating system which debuted today at events in Toronto (see liveblog below), London, New York and other cities. The newly unveiled BlackBerry touchscreen model will be available in Canada next Tuesday. 

After nearly two years of anticipation and delays, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company hopes to set the smartphone world on fire again. RIM has endured much since the days when the CrackBerry linked businesses, governments and continents. The Canadian success story fell far behind in the highly competitive mobile phone market.

With more on how much is at stake today for BlackBerry, we were joined by Sarah Silbert, the Reviews Editor for Engadget - an online technology magazine. She was in New York City.

*Note: This part was updated for Mountain and Pacific time zones. We spoke to Iain Marlow, The Globe and Mail's technology reporter in the Atlantic, Eastern and Central time zones before the official launch of the BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry: Reinvention & Canadian Pride - Panel

We started this segment with Rick Mercer dropping some of his usual cynicism with a little veiled cheering for RIM.

Blackberries were so successful, many Canadians feel a kind of pride in the product and wish BlackBerry well as it struggles to return to market dominance.

With more on how wrapped up our national pride is with international success, we were joined by Jeff Swystun, a branding expert and president of Swystun Communications, and Tamsin McMahon, an Associate Editor at Macleans Magazine. They were both in our Toronto studio.

This segment was produced by The Current's Idella Sturino and Vanessa Greco.

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