The Healing Place: Documentary


A rare glimpse into the struggles facing Canada's Inuit people... a population with a rapidly growing drug problem and the highest suicide rate in the world. David Ridgen is an investigative filmmaker who embedded himself in one of Canada's few Inuit-only treatment centres in Ottawa. The result is a raw look at the lives of three people with addiction who desperately want to get clean.

The Healing Place - Documentary

Inuit in this country struggle with a burgeoning rate of illegal drug use... growing at a rate higher than the rest of Canada. Many seek help at one of Canada's only Inuit-specific centres for the treatment of trauma and addiction - in Ottawa. In a unique exploration of what that experience means for people, filmmaker David Ridgen immersed himself in one eight week program - following the struggles of a few people with addiction.
Just a warning, some of the details of this story may be disturbing.

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