Protests in India in response to gang rape


Just over a week ago, a 23 year old woman was brutally raped after she boarded a bus with a male friend. He was also beaten. They were dumped naked, by the roadside and she is now on life support in Singapore. Now there are massive protests. It's not just about this case, but also about the prevalence of sexual assault in India - and the attitude of police and politicians who are quick to blame the victim.

Protests in India in response to gang rape - Protest Organizer

In Delhi - protestors have taken to the streets shouting slogans and demanding the death penalty for rapists. The protests are in response to the brutal beating and gang rape last week of a 23 year old woman. She was traveling with her male companion on a bus in South Delhi. The woman - whose name has not been disclosed -- remains in critical condition in hospital in Singapore where she was transferred over night.

There is a large protest happening today and one of the lead organizers is Kavita Krishnan - the secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association. We spoke to her earlier in Delhi as she was preparing for the protest today.

Protests in India in response to gang rape - Feminist Author

Urvashi Butalia is the founder of Kali for women in India. She is a feminist author and publisher of Zubaan Publishing House. She was in Delhi in her office this morning.

This segment was produced by The Current's Sujata Berry and Josh Bloch.

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