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London, England is a city steeped in history ... awash in stories ... a place where ghosts linger in every cathedral and pub. The dedication and training required to tell those stories at an elite level, to master the minutia of 1,500 years of history is almost as extraordinary as the history itself. Our documentary takes us inside the fierce competition for the highest honour that city can bestow upon a tour guide ... the coveted Blue Badge.

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The Contender: Documentary Repeat

Last summer, all eyes were on London, England as the best athletes in the world competed for gold. But the CBC's Nancy Durham was watching a lesser-known though equally rigorous competition that pits tour-guide versus tour-guide in a bid to master the nuances of 1,500 years of English history. Up for grabs is the coveted Blue Badge, the highest honour the City of London can bestow on a tour guide.

Nancy Durham's documentary, The Contender first aired in July.

Thursday Promo

Tomorrow on The Current, we're going to bring you a documentary we first aired in September.

Robert Spitzer is a prominent American psychiatrist. In 1973, he was instrumental in getting homosexuality removed from the American Psychiatric Association's formal list of mental illnesses. Then, twenty years later, he conducted a study that he said proved that homosexuals could change ... that if they really wanted to, they could learn to be straight. The study was heavily criticized at the time. And Doctor Spitzer now admits it was deeply flawed. But it is still being cited by groups seeking to "cure" gay people.

Today, Robert Spitzer is trying to make amends. The question is whether it's too late. You can hear the documentary, Straightening The Record tomorrow on The Current.

And also tomorrow, guest host Laura Lynch will talk to Jacob Tomsky. After getting a degree in philosophy, he got a job as a valet at a luxury hotel in New Orleans and worked his way up the ranks of the hotel business. His new book is Heads in Beds: A reckless memoir of hotels, hustles and so-called hospitality. Jacob Tomsky will have some insider tips on how to make the most of your hotel stay.

Last Word - The Music Theory Song

And, this being Boxing Day, we ended the program with a little holiday palate cleanser ... a song that strips away the sentiment and revels in the mechanics that go into all that good cheer. Kind of like Boxing Day itself.

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