10th Anniversary Interview: Jean Chrétien


The Current is celebrating ten years on the air by bringing you our top ten interviews of all time. Today, we revisit our conversation with the twentieth Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien. He reveals why he decided to stay for a third term and why no one pushes him around. 

10th Anniversary Interview: Jean Chrétien

In November of 2003, Anna Maria had the opportunity to sit down with Prime Minister Jean Jean Chrétien. He was on the eve of stepping down at the end of his third term in office. And he offered up candid and frank answers about his life in politics, what motivated him to stay for a third term and the strength he has drawn from his family.

Jean Jean Chrétien was the 20th Prime Minister of Canada. That interview first aired in November of 2003. Interestingly, it aired just seven days after my interview with Maher Arar. And thanks to the Gommery Inquiry, we now know that Canada's involvement in his rendition to Syria was much greater than Mr. Jean Chrétien let on that morning.

We're marking The Current's 10th anniversary on the air this season. And over the holidays, we're bringing you what we think are ten of the best interviews we've ever aired. You can also find them all on our website, along with an interactive time-line of The Current's history.

Kurt Vonnegut is another of our ten best. You can hear that full interview here on the program on New Year's Day. In the mean time, we aired some tape of The Current's Chris Wodskou on how he pitched the idea to talk to one of the most celebrated literary iconoclasts of the 20th century.

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