Regulating access to Medical Marijuana


Some 26,000 Canadians have been given Health Canada's approval to use medical marijuana ... many of them growing their own. The rules start to change this coming Spring when only sanctioned commercial operations will be able to provide medical marijuana. It could be a boon for research - no one can track effectiveness now. But it could also present real pain management crises for those who need specific genetic strains of marijuana.

Regulating access to Medical Marijuana - Medical Marijuana User

Canada's Medical Marijuana program is getting an overhaul.

The proposed changes mean Health Canada will no longer produce or distribute marijuana and patients who need it must get a prescription from their doctors.
The plant will be produced at licensed facilities that meet strict security requirements.

Many police believe criminals take advantage of licensed growers and firefighters say grow operations are fire risks and hazardous to neighbourhoods.

Mike Sandev uses marijuana to treat his epilepsy. He has legally been using and growing marijuana for more than two years - but that will end under the new rules. We reached him in Montreal.

Regulating access to Medical Marijuana - Pain Medicine Doctor

Dr. Mark Ware approves of many of the government's changes and believes commercial growing of marijuana will create more consistency in the product.

Dr. Ware practices pain medicine at the Montreal General Hospital and is Director of Clinical Research of the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit at the McGill University Health Centre. He is also the executive director of The Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids. We reached him in Montreal.

Regulating access to Medical Marijuana - Minister of Health

Leona Aglukkaq is the federal Minister of Health. She announced the changes to what is called The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations on the weekend. We reached Leona Aglukkaq in Vancouver.

This segment was produced by Ottawa Network Producer, Elizabeth Hay.

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