Regulating health care in private clinics


Sometimes the more you ask, the less you learn. Ontario's College of Physicians and Surgeons has inspected private clinics failing 9 and passing 64 - with conditions. But it can't tell us who they are and nor can the provincial health ministry. Across the country, a patchwork of private clinics operates with little public transparency. Today, we are asking why.

Regulating health care in private clinics - Talk Tape, Jessica deMello

We started this segment with a news report.

Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar performed a liposuction on 32 -year old Krista Stryland at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, and apparently withdrew too much tissue. By the time paramedics got to the clinic -- and the patient was in distress a long time before they were called -- Ms. Stryland was unconscious. She died later in hospital.

Things have changed in Ontario since Krista Stryland's death in 2007. But many private clinics remain troubled. The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons is mandated to inspect privately-run facilities, and the doctors who work in or own them.

The first audit of private clinics has been released. Nine clinics failed inspection. Sixty-four others passed, with conditions.

But information beyond that is essentially non-existent. Across the country, provinces face similar issues. As privately run, for-profit clinics multiply -- information on the safety and standards of those facilities is hard to find.

The Current's Jessica deMello has been looking for it. She joined Anna Maria in studio to tell us more about this story.

Regulating health care in private clinics - Panel

To shed some more light on how private health care clinics are monitored - we were joined by Wendy Nicklin. She is the president and CEO of Accreditation Canada. That's a privately-run, non-profit organization that audits medical facilities across the country.

And Colleen Flood is a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy. She also teaches law at the University of Toronto.

They were both in Ottawa this morning.

This segment was produced by The Current's Jessica deMello.

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