ORNGE Helicopter Investigation: Kevin Donovan


It began as an ambitious effort to streamline Ontario's Air Ambulance service but within half a dozen years. The story of ORNGE became one riddled with scandal, private spin-off companies, secret salaries, spotty safety records and unanswered questions. It is also the story of a reporter who just wouldn't let the story go. Journalist Kevin Donovan peels back the Story of ORNGE.

ORNGE Helicopter Investigation: Kevin Donovan

We started this segment with a clip from Dr. Chris Mazza, the former CEO of Ontario's ORNGE helicopter ambulance service. He was testifying in July before a committee of the Ontario legislature investigating allegations made against him and the company.

People outside Ontario may not be familiar with the ORNGE controversy, but the scandal dogged premier Dalton McGuinty. There are accusations of corruption, cronyism, secretly inflated salaries, waste, the creation of international companies that had nothing to do with Ontario and a charity that had nothing to do with air ambulances.

Kevin Donovan is an investigative reporter with The Toronto Star. And it was his work that helped reveal the ORNGE story. His new e-reader book is called ORNGE: The Star Investigation that Broke the Story. Kevin Donovan was in our Toronto studio.

We invited Dr. Chris Mazza to speak to us. His lawyer told us that his client could not participate for health reasons. But he does say that, "Once his health does improve, Dr. Mazza would be very interested in giving his perspective on the enquiries into ORNGE and his role with the Corporation... It is his hope that he will be able to participate in the not-too-distant future but, unfortunately, the timeline is unpredictable,"

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.

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