Jacques Duchesneau on ending Quebec Corruption


It was about a year ago that Jacques Duchesneau, the head of an anti-collusion unit in Quebec leaked his own report on the scope of corruption in the awarding of construction contracts in Quebec. He made lots of enemies for that but won the popular vote and now sits in Opposition in the National Assembly. With so much fallout from the inquiry, it is time to hear from the man whose act of defiance kick-started the official questioning.

Jacques Duchesneau on ending Quebec Corruption

The Charboneau inquiry into the Quebec construction industry has been exploring corruption in the sense of illegal financing. But the mess it's overturning is more like the corruption of a corpse.

Yesterday it heard municipal officials were offered gifts by the construction industry -- wine, fancy dinners, hockey tickets, escorts. Each day, there are new allegations of rot and while nothing has been proven, the political casualties grow. The mayors of Montreal and Laval deny any wrongdoing -- both have resigned. We aired a clip.

As a former Chief of the Montreal police, Jacques Duchesneau built a reputation as an anti-corruption crusader. He led a special squad investigating collusion and wrote a damning report alleging connections among construction companies, organized crime, municipalities and political parties.

The report was leaked -- because Mr. Duchesneau leaked it. He was fired, but it did ramp up pressure on the government, leading eventually to the Charbonneau inquiry.

Jacques Duchesneau has since run for office - and was elected to the Quebec National Assembly in September. He is the former head of Quebec's anti-corruption squad and is now justice critic for the Coalition Avenir Québec. Jacques Duchesneau was in Quebec City.

This segment was produced by Montreal producer, Sarah Buck.

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