Are foreign students being taken advantage of at homestays in Canada?


This week, Concordia University in Montreal was home to student protesters who say the school isn't doing enough to protect international students. They say it's because of a problem with homestays, a kind of billeting for foreign students in homes near the university. Students are told the home will be welcoming, well appointed and warm. The reality is often quite different.

Part One of The Current - Friday Host Jim Brown in Calgary

Foreign students and homestays - Student

Lydia is one of those students. We've agreed not to use her last name because she's concerned about negative consequences. Lydia was in Montreal.

We also spoke with Nadia Hausefather is a member of the Graduate Students' Association at Concordia.

Foreign students and homestays - Homestay Owner

Next we heard from Renée Greenberg. She's owner of Premier Homestay, the company that placed Lydia. She was in Montreal.

Foreign students and homestays - Student Representative

Almost a quarter million foreign students come to study in Canada each year. And many know all about broken promises. Most come to Canada through recruiters who act as intermediaries between the students and the schools. Brent Farrington is the internal co-ordinator for the Canadian Federation of Students and lobbies government to change the laws to protect foreign students here in Canada.  He was in Ottawa.

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